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Genesis Certified Collision Centre
Gain a Competitive Advantage
Certification Benefits
  • Official Genesis Certified Repair Centers SIGN available for you to display in your owner reception area.
  • Official Genesis Certified Repair Centers LOGO for you to display on your website and marketing materials.
  • Special PRESS RELEASE issued to your local media outlets announcing your new official Genesis Certification.
  • Listing on the Assured Performance joint-effort online shop LOCATOR, directing consumers and insurers to your collision repair facility.
  • Exclusive listing on the Genesis Certified online shop locator, for “certified” shops only.
  • Ongoing BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT process and feedback to ensure your shop achieves certification, and continues to have what it takes to properly repair the new generation of Genesis vehicles.
  • Access to Genesis Repair Procedures.
  • OEM Marketing Initiatives.
  • Thank you for your interest in the Genesis Certified Collision Center Network Program
    The Genesis Certified Collision Repair Center Network program is looking for quality collision repair facilities focused on providing a superior repair experience to help ensure the value and safety of our owners’ vehicles are maintained. The program will identify and certify collision repair facilities with the proper tools, equipment, training and facilities needed to provide safe repairs for Genesis owners, with a goal of ensuring there is a Genesis Certified Collision Repair Center in every community across the U.S.
    Genesis’s new certification program provides shops with the opportunity to upgrade their status. The new certified program features enhanced benefits, higher visibility to consumers, and stronger brand recognition to help you attract new owners and build your business! The “Certification Requirements” tab outlines the steps to achieve certified status.
    Genesis Certified Collision Repair Center Network Program
    Welcome to the Genesis Certified Repair Center information page. Genesis Certification is open to all U.S. collision facilities including retailer-owned, independent and MSO facilities that are sponsored by a Genesis retailer and that meet all certification requirements.
    The purpose of Genesis Certified Collision Repair Center Network Program is to promote the correct, complete and safe repair of Genesis vehicles and to provide support to those collision repair businesses that have demonstrated a commitment to a high level of owner care and satisfaction. Becoming a Genesis Certified Collision Repair Center provides many advantages, including marketing tools, owner referrals, and the opportunity to differentiate your business increasing owner confidence. It shows you are committed to a complete and correct repair and committed to your owners’ subsequent safety.


    1. REVIEW - Review the current Genesis Certification requirements to determine the required investments in tools, equipment and training. Click here to view the program brochure.
    2. SPONSORSHIP – Sponsorship is required to gain Certified status. Contact your local Genesis Retailer and request that they visit the “Retailers" tab to login and submit your shop sponsorship online.
    3. APPLY – New to Assured Performance Network? Click on the APPLY NOW button below and the Assured Performance Network team will contact you to assist with enrollment. If you are already enrolled in the Assured Performance Network program, request sponsorship from the Genesis Retailer that you work with and contact your Account Manager at 949.221.0010 for assistance.
    4. ONLINE ASSESSMENT - Complete a Business Profile & Capabilities Assessment online.
    5. ONSITE INSPECTION - Once all compliance is provided, an onsite inspection-audit will be completed.
    6. APPROVAL - Gain access to marketing tools and listing on online shop locator to maximize your ROI and overall business value.
    Welcome to the Genesis Certified Collision Repair Center Network Program!

    Genesis Motor America has arranged for Assured Performance Network to operate and manage the Genesis Certified Collision Repair Center Network Program. The program will identify and certify collision repair facilities across the U.S. that are focused on providing Genesis owners with a superior repair experience, and to ensure the value and safety of their vehicles are maintained. When owners are provided with a certified choice for collision repairs, their overall satisfaction and loyalty to your retailer are enhanced.

    Genesis Retailers: Please login below for additional program information and participation details
    Retailers are a very important part of the Genesis Certified Collision Repair Center Program.

    Step 1: Enroll your collision repair facility

    Enroll your retailer-owned collision repair facility in the Genesis Certified Collision Repair Center Network Program to become officially certified.

    Act now and get your retailer-owned facility Genesis Certified today!

    Step 2: Sponsor your preferred independent collision repair facilities

    Retailers are strongly encouraged to work with certified collision centers and sponsor the shops they work with. Genesis is looking for only the highest quality collision repair facilities in your area that demonstrate their repair capability and commitment to owners, with tools, equipment, training, and facilities to repair Genesis vehicles to manufacturer specifications.

    Sponsorship of your local independant collision repair facility is required for their Genesis Certification.

    Just select the shops you would like to sponsor or click on “SUBMIT COLLISION CENTER SPONSORSHIP”. You will be prompted to enter the shop information and submit a sponsorship.

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